The Vintage car radio, the essential equipment for any old car. 


Classic Auto Elec offers on its site different models of vintage car radios, from the simplest to the most elaborate. We are the official retailer Rétrosound for France as well as that of Classic Car Stereo.

A world-renowned leader, the American Retrosound sells a fully customizable range of state-of-the-art car radios with the cladding of an old model. Trés in vogue in the USA, these vintage car radios are legion on many mucle-cars, pick up and other sedans. Many models exist for these vehicles. Moreover, the strong presence of Volkswagen Coccinelle or Combi in the US has prompted Retrosound to market specific car radios that you will find of course on our site. Retrounding car radios can however be adapted to all types of vehicles thanks to an ingenious system of fixation which makes their use universal.

The Rétrosound car radios are totally customizable and you can define yourself the aesthetic and technical parameters. So you can, for example, opt for a model combining Bluetooth, iPhone compatibility, and exceptional sound quality with the look of an old Volkswagen Becker car stereo. The Rétrosound car stereos have the great advantage of having a large panel of customization. From the 3 radio base stations, you can choose from a dozen displays with buttons of color chrome, ivory, black ..., about twenty facades, thirty adapters and about forty buttons. That's more than 300,000 possible combinations!

Classic Car Stereo is a British specialist offering a more restricted range of car radios. It is a suitable solution if you are looking for a modern car with an old look without a high degree of customization.


How to choose my vintage car stereo?

Everything is a matter of taste. Before anything else, ask yourself what vintage car radio would do best with your cabin. You own an American? Models with chrome will be for you. A German like a Beetle? A Becker model may be the right choice. An older vehicle with ivory buttons? A car radio with ivory display buttons will harmonize everything. Once this first choice is made, define your feature needs. This choice will depend on the base of the car radio. Not all are equipped with Bluetooth or iPhone compatibility.


How to buy a vintage car radio at Classic Auto Elec ?

To facilitate your choice in the Rétrosound range, we have created 4 ranges of car radios type: Chrome, Blaupunkt, Becker and Black. This is in our view the most frequent product combinations corresponding to the most common car radios at the time. Most models or customization elements are in stock. The purchase is made directly via our site totally secured. You will find all of our vintage car radios in the category Car stéréo.