Classic Auto Elec now offers seat belts for classic cars.

Prior to 1967, seat belts were not mandatory. Many older vehicles are therefore not equipped. Although this is tolerated because of the origin, the installation of belts can only be a plus for the safety of the driver and the passengers. Nowadays, solutions exist to install new belts with retro or modern look. Classic Auto Elec distributes the RétroBelt brand which offers different models of belts, in many colors so as not to distort your habitable.

Characteristics of our belts for classic cars:

Classic Auto Elec offers 12 models of belt !

We diffuse models with 2 or 3 fixing points, with or without retractors and with different lengths to adapt as best as possible to the morphology of each one.

Our belts have 3 possibilities of closure: locking by push button, aviation loop or closure type European..


The possibilities of personalization of your habitable are large thanks to a wide range of colors.


Some examples of installation::