Programmable electronic ignition V6 PRV

Reference: 123/TUNEPRV

Electronic ignition 123 Ignition for PRV V6 engine(Mounted on Alpine, Peugeot, Renault, Volvo ...) -Exclusive Classic Auto Elec.This is a new programmable model that installs in place of your original igniter. Everything is integrated in the body of the igniter (no remote box).Supplied with new head and finger and 2 wheelchair coilsIt is necessary to send the former igniter will get the gear and the clips of the head.Supplied with adjustment and assembly instructions(More info below)Setting USB computer onlyTiming LEDNot for injection models Availability: On order 15-day period

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Fully electronic, igniters 123 Ignition operate without switches and therefore have no friction piece. You have no wear.
In addition to increased reliability, electronic igniters are 123 Ignition, unlike ignitors weights, more accurate and responsive bringing more flexibility to your engine. They also improve your consumption.

The igniter is supplied with instructions for assembly and adjustment and installs in less than 10 minutes directly instead of your original igniter.
This very simple rule with an integrated LED that lights up when it ensconced. You then have the optimal advance to its proper functioning.
See the example below with a Citroën Traction lighter.

This model called "programmable" allows you to easily adjust your ignition curve with the values you want.
It is possible to program two curves in the lighter and switch from one to another with a simple switch. This is useful for different fuel users or just to make adjustment tests.
You can edit it at your convenience by connecting the USB plug into your computer and after you have downloaded the software(Free download above).
You will find below an explanatory video programming of USB Lighter

This lighter is compatible with vehicles with vacuum advance system (123 igniters Ignition is provided with this system, you simply plug it in if you're equipped)

New product made in Europe, it is guaranteed 2 years.

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