High performance alternator

Here you will find a range ofalternator light specially suitable to your vehicle. Reliable and efficient, these generators are offered at fixing offset thin, thick or multi mounting bracket.If you think that your alternator is defective, here is some information that can help you. First of all, do you know what is an alternator and how does it work?The primary function of an alternator is to provide power to all of the electrical system of your vehicle using its battery. It is the operation of the engine that creates electricity and recharge the battery.It is with a belt (called accessory belt or alternator belt) that the power from the engine is transferred to the alternator.When the engine is not running, it's the battery that performs this function at startup for example. Why and when to change an alternator?With a failed alternator, the battery recharges more and it empties your vehicle no longer starts. As all red of your dashboard lights, battery lights, if bad sign.Several warning signs can alert you to an alternator at the end of life as difficult starting, a light load which lights or headlights intensity which varies with engine speed. How to be sure of the proper functioning or not your alternator?The alternator is an electrical element, you need to bring with you a multimeter. It allows you to control the load circuit.First move the cursor of the multimeter on DC 20v calibre of part voltmeterStart the vehicle and let the engine run at idle switch of the accessoriesRES electricity-consuming (radio, anti fog, defrost window rear etc...)Put the Red clamp of the multimeter on the + of the battery and the black clip on theThe load must be between 12.5V and 14.7v.