Electronic ignition Citroen DS 21 IE 23 and IE

Reference: 123/DS-IE

Electronic ignition 123 IgnitionCitroën DS 21 IE 23 and IE (replaces the ignition distributor Bosch ZV11 / 7A3A used on the Citroen Bosch electronic fuel injection)It looks like the original dealer with a head and a rotor Bosch, though two outputs are specially designed to be connected to the injection control unit.Installs in place of your original model. Everything is integrated in the body of the igniter (no remote box).Supplied with adjustment and assembly instructions(More information below)16 preset advance curves to choose according to your engineTiming LEDSold complete with drive gear.Compatible with ignitors output right / vertical or angled / side (choice below)Also available in a programmable version. Availability: In stock

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Fully electronic, igniters 123 Ignition operate without switches and therefore have no friction piece. You have no wear.
In addition to increased reliability, electronic igniters are 123 Ignition, unlike ignitors weights, more accurate and responsive bringing more flexibility to your engine. They also improve your consumption.

The igniter is supplied with instructions for assembly and adjustment and installs in less than 10 minutes directly instead of your original igniter.
This very simple rule with an integrated LED that lights up when it ensconced. You then have the optimal advance to its proper functioning.
See the example below with a Citroën Traction lighter.

This model contains 16 preset advance curves to choose according to your engine. After checking in the record, the number of the corresponding curve in your vehicle; simply unscrew a cover behind which is a rotary knob must be positioned on the right curve.
The specific dimmer model is factory-set and can not be changed, as this may cause engine damage in case of incorrect setting.

See the above video editingbelow

This lighter is compatible with vehicles with vacuum advance system (123 igniters Ignition is provided with this system, you simply plug it in if you're equipped)

New product made in Europe, it is guaranteed 2 years.

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